About us

Brunswick Voice (ABN 62629983597) is an independent news project founded in 2021 to publish high-quality, public-interest journalism about news, events and people in the suburb of Brunswick, part of the City of Moreland in the inner north of Melbourne, Victoria.

Existing print media outlets have shut down and deserted Brunswick in recent years, leaving important issues unexplored, history unrecorded and powerful institutions able to avoid accountability. Paywalls have been erected, limiting online access to many stories to subscribers only.

Brunswick Voice is volunteer run and aims to help fill that gap by focusing solely on happenings in Brunswick reported by and for local residents. 

We aim for quality, not quantity. Instead of publishing a high volume of stories to a fixed  deadline, we plan to produce quality news and analysis that is beyond the existing news cycle, about stories that are purely local.

As we believe free access to information is vital in a democracy, articles will not be behind a paywall. Nor will our website initially seek advertising. Our aim is to start small and build a scalable and sustainable independent journalism business. 

We welcome any and all suggestions for stories. You can send news tips to editor@brunswickvoice.com.au. Writers are also welcome to contact us by email if you have something you would like to contribute to the publication.

Editorial standards

Brunswick Voice will at all times abide by the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance‚Äôs Journalist Code of Ethics.

Brunswick Voice aims to address all concerns or complaints promptly and correct any errors or omissions, and where appropriate append a note at the foot of the article.

Responsibility for all editorial comment is taken by Mark Phillips, Editor and Publisher, PO Box 5012, Brunswick North, VIC 3056, Australia.

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