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‘Our News. Your Voice.’: calling on you to support local, independent news

Week-long campaign features more than 30 publications around Australia

Brunswick Voice

MASS content syndication, prolific AI-fuelled misinformation and disinformation, and rushed reporting lacking nuance and diverse representation …

These are some of the challenges all of us in the Australian public must contend with when it comes to accessing important news.

But in the midst of this media crisis, local and independent media organisations are standing tall to provide quality, accessible, verified and locally relevant news.

The green shoots of an industry in transition, many of these publications emerged from news deserts to provide critical information to their communities during the global pandemic or in times of environmental disaster, important elections, or in the context of rising cost-of-living, when accountability from leaders and big economic players is more important than ever

As award-winning journalist Alan Sunderland puts it in his book Ten Rules of Reporting: when it comes to local and independent community-based journalism, “a quiet revolution is underway”.

That is why this week Brunswick Voice is joining a national movement of local and independent newsrooms calling on our communities to get behind us. As a member of the Local & Independent News Association (LINA), we have today joined more than 30 other publications from all over Australia in launching the national Our News. Your Voice. awareness fundraising campaign.

These publications are mostly volunteer-run by members of their communities dedicated to provide independent, trusted journalism that builds connections and contributes to a healthy local democracy.

While this is an Australia-wide pledge drive, Brunswick Voice will receive every dollar donated via our website. This means everything invested by the community of Brunswick and Merri-bek will be sent directly back into reporting the important news of our area.

Not only this, but funds raised will be matched dollar-for-dollar by philanthropic supporters, doubling individual contributions.

For one week only, we hope you will spare some loose change and support us to deliver essential news that not only keeps you informed, but connects all of us in Brunswick and the inner north of the City of Merri-bek to one another.

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