Your Brunswick horoscope (as determined by the café you frequent)

Let the approach of Spring be guided by the cosmic energy of your favourite café

Sean Morgan
Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Green Refectory

Ticket inspectors are travelling on the route 19, which means its time to started tapping on again. Whilst this impacts your financial house, remember you can always be wealthy in other ways: sharing a little cake with friends.

Green Refectory, 115 Sydney Road

A Minor Place

The aspect of Lygon and Sydney creates security. You feel at home, and able to tackle any challenge that comes your way: dodging the flu, finding a rental, even driving down Albion street. Time to take it on.

A Minor Place, 103 Albion Street

Nico’s Sandwich

Is Saturn returning, or just memories of last night? Time to learn some hard and important lessons. Start with how much cheese, bread and meat it will take for your hangover to go away. Embrace healing.

Nico’s Sandwich, 1 Piera Street, Brunswick East

Code Black

There’s only one thing worse than mercury in retrograde, and that’s burnt coffee. You’re not taking that risk. You know what’s good, and you set out to get it. Spring is your time to execute.

Code Black, 15-17 Weston Street

Rex Espresso

Inflation remains ascendant, and you feel it is as you check how much the groceries have cost you. Maybe you should go to Aldi more often. Take time for reflection, and give yourself permission to imagine more.

Rex Espresso, Shop E1, Barkly Square Shopping Centre, 90-106 Sydney Road


Tu voyez des feuilles fraîches lors de ton promenade matinale et tu respectez le signe. Tu commandez un palmier avec votre café. Oh sorry! Ever since you went to Paris, you find it so easy to slip back into the language. Bonne chance mon ami!

Choukette, 318 Sydney Road

Wild Life Bakery

All twelve houses are in order. You’re unbothered, moisturised, happy, in your lane and lunching. Spring can be a time to help others: do small favours, smile at strangers, and maybe buy me a croissant?

Wild Life Bakery, 90 Albert Street, Brunswick East

A1 Bakery

You know how to find calm in the chaos. When the queue is out the door, you’re already halfway through a Shanklish, watching the world go by. Our solar system has two axes, and you’re sat in the second.  The word is yours.

A1 Bakery, 643-645 Sydney Road